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Articles related to PUFsecurity

PUFiot : An Essential Security Coprocessor for RISC-V Designs - Blog

September 09, 2021

The number of connected IoT devices exceeded 46 billion in 2021 and is expected to reach a remarkable 125 billion by 2030. This will shift the semiconductor market significantly as each IoT device requires a processor core to effectively process the enormous amount of data and associated transactions. To make the most out of such market potential, RISC-V architecture has become a new alternative to x86 or ARM for SoC designers, thanks to its open instruction format and low cost.


Solving IoT Security With PUF-Based Root of Trust - Blog

September 07, 2021

The security issues surrounding internet of things (IoT) devices range from tiny semiconductors to global supply chains. PUFsecurity, a provider of intellectual property (IP) that helps strengthen security at the chip level, hosted a forum of IoT experts to discuss the industry’s challenges and future outlook.