Upcoming Virtual Events

Sponsored by: Infineon
Dec 08, 2021 11AM EDT (in 52 minutes)
Voice is fast becoming the preferred way of communication with our smart devices throughout our daily lives. This session will be showcasing how you can implement AI based, local voice solutions using the PSoC™ 6 and XENSIV™ hardware platform with the Picovoice software platform. We will be walking... [Read More]
Sponsored by: Verizon Wireless, Digi, IBASE
Dec 09, 2021 11AM EDT (in 2 days)
Interoperability has always been a critical part of any system. The same is true with IoT. However, as we move to newer “enhanced” platforms, forward and backward compatibility is essential. In some cases, it’s standards that drive the change, while in other cases, it’s newer technologies, including... [Read More]
Sponsored by: Texas Instruments
Dec 14, 2021 11AM EDT (in 7 days, 1 hour)
In this webinar, you can expect to build your understanding of the C2000™ real-time MCU portfolio, where the latest cost-optimized family, F28003x, fits within the portfolio, key target applications + differentiation in this systems, as well as how to get started through low barrier-to-entry tools a... [Read More]
Sponsored by: RTI
Dec 16, 2021 11AM EDT (in 9 days)
Next-generation vehicles will require significant upgrades to traditional vehicle architecture in order to address the major limitations that the automotive industry is facing today, some of which could potentially lead to new business opportunities. To guarantee the desired level of innovation, sof... [Read More]
Sponsored by: Wind River
Jan 13, 2022 7AM EDT (in 1 month, 5 days)
The field of AI is evolving rapidly. So rapidly, in fact, that the state of the art will likely advance between the start of your development lifecycle and when you're ready to go to market. This is not only true of machine learning models, algorithms, and development tools, but AI acceleration hard... [Read More]