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Sponsored by: Digi International, PowerFilm Solar
Aug 25, 2021 10AM EDT (in 24 days, 3 hours)
Power efficiency should be a simple metric to measure. It’s essentially the ratio of output power to input power. However, that’s the only thing that’s simple about. IoT really needs some explanation when you’re designing a product, with caveats for product category, power level, operating environme... [Read More]
Sponsored by: Siemens, Infineon, Premio, Intel, Advantech, Chooch AI, Smart Embedded Computing
Sep 09, 2021 11AM EDT (in 1 month, 8 days)
AI is a technology that requires lots of compute power. For that reason, it had been relegated to the Cloud. But the recent spate of high- performance processors has allowed AI to move to the Edge of the IoT, known as AIoT. It’s this technology that you’ll hear about at AI Day. Powered by Embedded C... [Read More]