Dialog Releases New Wireless Ranging (WiRa?) Software Development Kit (SDK)

By Perry Cohen

Associate Editor

Embedded Computing Design

May 18, 2020


Dialog Semiconductor announced the release of a new Wireless Ranging (WiRa™) Software Development Kit (SDK).

Dialog Semiconductor announced the release of a new Wireless Ranging (WiRa™) Software Development Kit (SDK). The new SDK helps to enhance distance measurement capabilities to its DA1469x family of BLE SoCs.

 Due to the SDK leveraging proprietary “radar-like” implementations for distance measurement accuracy among BLE connected devices, the WiRa has a leg up on RSSI. The Bluetooth LE data packets are coupled with constant tone frequency exchanges, by doing so DA1469x on-chip 2.4 GHz radio generates the signals needed for phase-based ranging.

“Dialog’s Bluetooth low energy solutions are already finding their way into a variety of products to help slow the spread of COVID-19”, said vice president of connectivity and audio business group Sean McGrath, in a press release. “By adding unique, accurate distance measurement capabilities to our DA1469x SoCs, we expect to accelerate more tracing type applications and products into deployment on a global scale over the next few months.

“My expectation and hope is that this may help to significantly slow or stop the spread of the virus.”

Neither the BLE compliant stack or WiRa software require hardware adaptations or an external host processor.

For more information, visit: https://www.dialog-semiconductor.com/products/connectivity/bluetooth-low-energy/products/smartbond-wireless-ranging-SDK

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