Dev Kit Weekly: Insight SiP ISP1907-LL-EB Evaluation Kit

April 28, 2020


In this edition of DevKit Weekly, Brandon breaks down the ISP1907-LL-EB evaluation board from Insight SIP.

The board was designed around the ISP1907 series Bluetooth 5 SIP, which can be found on the module. At the heart of the SIP (system in package) is Nordic Semiconductors nrf281 wireless SoC that contains a 32-bit arm cortex-m, 4 CPU, 192 kilobytes of flash, and an additional 24 kilobytes of external SRAM.

This enables it to run a single mode Bluetooth 5.1 long range and direction-finding stack. The Nordic chip also contains a DC to DC buck converter, ultra-low power 32 kilohertz crystal oscillators, and a 2.4 gigahertz transceiver.

Alongside that device, the impedance matching specialist at Insight SIP integrated an antenna into an 8mm x 8mm x 1mm package. Analog and digital I/O from the SIP are brought out onto the larger module which can be powered by a coin cell for several years, thanks to the SIP’s +4DBM output power and advanced power management capability.

In the kit, the module is supported by a test board which is built around an atmel SAM MCU, a segger J-link OB onboard debug probe, a USB mini connector, and an array of jumpers that let you test the wireless system under various conditions.

You also get a couple test cables and a small form factor antenna from taoglas for shorter range evaluations.

You can purchase the ISP1907-LL-EB from the Insight SIP website for $184.84: