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Storage Requirements for Reliable 5G Gateways in Industrial Systems - Story

January 14, 2022

Manufacturing and production are being revolutionized by the increasing use of digital technologies for automation and communication between systems. Access to real-time data enables more efficient use of resources and pre-emptive maintenance to minimize downtime and maximize the operating life of equipment.


Wear Levelling and How it Impacts SSD Life Expectancy - Story

October 15, 2020

It is essential to ensure that all the blocks have a comparable number of erasures so that the life and reliability of the SSD are maximized.


Hyperstone has Low-Power Industrial SSD Controller in Mass Production - News

November 18, 2019

Hyperstone, a fabless semiconductor company, announced its X1 SSD flash memory controller is in mass production, per a company press release.


Hyperstone presents at the Flash Memory Summit 2019 - Press Release

July 26, 2019

At this year's Flash Memory Summit, Hyperstone has been invited to present twice in both the Embedded Applications and Drive Design sessions of the conference at the Santa Clara Convention Center.


How to Explain Flash in a Way Everyone Can Understand - Story

July 03, 2019

It?s time to help everyone appreciate flash memory and controllers. Here?s how to explain it in a way everyone can understand.


High reliability CompactFlash controller from Hyperstone adds 3D Flash memory support - Product

August 07, 2017

New F9 market-leading CF controller offers doubled performance for high-end CompactFlash cards and embedded IDE disk-on-modules