Memphis Releases 32GB DDR4 UDIMMs & SO-DIMMs with or without ECC, Optional VLP and Industrial Temperature

December 10, 2019


32GB DDR4 UDIMM and SO-DIMM modules with or without ECC in commercial and industrial temp ratings.

Memphis Electronic, distributor of Memory IC’s and a manufacturer of Memory Modules with manufacturers of DRAM, SRAM and Flash, is sampling 32GB DDR4 modules for industrial applications.

Memphis released a product series dedicated to high density modules, delivering 32GB DDR4 modules in ECC and Non-ECC versions, including Very-Low-Profile (VLP) form-factor options. This new product series includes support for temperature ranges of -40 to 95°C case-temperature. The standard speed-rating for the modules is 2666MT/s, while optionally up to DDR4-3200 speed is orderable.

These new 32GB modules utilize the Samsung 16Gbit DDR4 components available on the market. Memphis will be able to utilize compatible monolithic 16Gb DDR4 components from a range of suppliers as they become available. Memphis module designs use JEDEC compliant PCBs and adhere to ISO ISO9001:2015 and ISO14001:2015 certified design and manufacturing processes. 

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