MEDIA ALERT: OneSpin Solutions Continues Annual Holiday Puzzle with "The Fibonacci Calculator"

December 18, 2018


MEDIA ALERT: OneSpin Solutions Continues Annual Holiday Puzzle with "The Fibonacci Calculator"

Challenges Chip Engineers to Design Digital Circuit to Compute Fibonacci Numbers

WHO: OneSpin® Solutions, provider of innovative formal verification solutions for highly reliable, digital integrated circuits (ICs)

WHAT: Challenges chip engineers to take “The Fibonacci Calculator” Holiday Puzzle challenge using design and formal verification techniques to generate numbers that make up the Fibonacci sequence.

A OneSpin-devised sample solution is available, along with SystemVerilog assertions that must be satisfied, a benchmark of cover properties to measure cycle-based performances, and a formula to compute the design complexity score.

Winning solutions must be correct, fast and simple. Winners will receive prizes, including one for the solution with the best score, determined automatically using a OneSpin script, and one for the most voted solution.

Details on the Holiday Puzzle can be found at:

DEADLINE: Sunday, January 13

About OneSpin

OneSpin Solutions has emerged as a leader in formal verification through a range of advanced electronic design automation (EDA) solutions for digital integrated circuits. Headquartered in Munich, Germany, OneSpin enables users to address design challenges in areas where reliability really counts: safety-critical verification, SystemC/C++ high-level synthesis (HLS) code analysis and FPGA equivalence checking. OneSpin’s advanced formal verification platform and dedication to getting it right the first time have fueled dramatic growth over the past five years as the company forges partnerships with leading electronics suppliers to pursue design perfection. OneSpin: Making Electronics Reliable.

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