McObject's eXtremeDB for HPC is now available on AWS

October 30, 2019


McObject's eXtremeDB for HPC is now available on AWS

We are delighted to offer eXtremeDB for HPC on the flexible pay-as-you-go AWS Marketplace.

New York, London, Seattle: McObject® has announced today that the ultra-fast and scalable eXtremeDB® for HPC database management system is now available on Amazon Web Services.  eXtremeDB is unique in that it allows the user to determine whether the DBMS should run in the client/server model or as an embedded database system for maximum efficiency. Renowned for its performance, flexibility, and scalability, it is used across numerous verticals, including financial markets, IoT, defense, Big Data and consumer electronics in over 30 million deployments.

Being available as a client/server or embedded DBMS is just one characteristic which sets eXtremeDB apart. Having its roots as an in-memory database system, eXtremeDB can also manage hybrid in-memory/persistent databases. For IoT Big Data analytics, eXtremeDB stores time series data in columnar fashion, while storing OLTP data in conventional row-oriented fashion. Columnar storage coupled with a built-in library of more than 100 pipelined functions for statistical analysis has delivered record-setting performance borne out by many audited benchmarks since 2013. In addition to B-tree and hash indexes, eXtremeDB provides unique indexing capabilities to address the needs of specific domains: R-tree (geospatial), Patricia Trie (network/telecom), KD-tree (query-by-example) and Trigram (fuzzy search).

The addition of AWS is part of McObject's drive to anticipate the current and future needs of clients.  Firms can now evaluate, purchase and deploy eXtremeDB with its full set of features through the AWS Marketplace. McObject's decision to add this functionality was led by global capital systems and other markets as they move to the cloud.  Accessing eXtremeDB will now be faster and easier for users through AWS.

Chris Mureen, COO of McObject, commented, "We are delighted to offer eXtremeDB for HPC on the flexible pay-as-you-go AWS Marketplace. This is good news for our customers and, of course, any new users, who can now access all the features our database management system offers within the almost unlimited AWS framework.  It's part of our drive to give our clients a competitive edge."

The announcement underscores McObject's dedication to helping companies achieve their technology goals and take advantage of the pace of innovation AWS provides.

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