DiSTI Announces the Release of GL Studio 7.2

By Tiera Oliver

Assistant Editor

Embedded Computing Design

February 18, 2021


DiSTI Announces the Release of GL Studio 7.2

Rooted in DiSTI's mission to provide developers' suitable user experience, these new enhancements came from features requested by customers.

The DiSTI Corporation has deployed a new global maintenance release of its GL Studio software that provides upgrades and UI pack improvements.

Some of the changes within GL Studio 7.2 are:  

  • Figma Importer – users can now import content from the popular UI/UX tool Figma into GL Studio. This update allows users to import any dynamic layout behavior from Figma into GL Studio. Providing your app the same look and behavior as it had in Figma right from the start.
  • CMake Deployments – Now GL Studio uses the build tool CMake by default in its projects, allowing customers to integrate GL Studio into their existing CMake-based applications.
  • Autosizing text – GL Studio now offers two new automatic resizing modes so that that text boxes will adjust with any text changes. Users can set the text to expand horizontally or fixed-width and expand vertically, adding new lines as needed.
  • UI Pack improvements – GL Studio 7.2 offers various improvements to GL Studio's popular UI Pack after use in an application. Improvements range from automatic button resizing, widget appearance customization, and improved touch-screen interaction.
  • Improved animation support – Enhanced animation development capabilities. With just a single line of code, developers can deliver a wide range of animations.

Per the company, DiSTI's GL studio has been essential for UI developers seeking to push their creative output boundaries and will be more evident with this release of GL Studio 7.2.

Customers under current maintenance and support contracts for GL Studio can log into DiSTI's customer support portal to download the latest version.

For more information, visit: https://glstudio.disti.com/

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