IAR Systems Invests in IoT Innovations and Security; Will Display new products at embedded world

By Laura Dolan

Senior Copywriter


February 14, 2019


IAR Systems Invests in IoT Innovations and Security; Will Display new products at embedded world

IAR Systems Group to invest in IoT security solutions; will present IAR Embedded Workbench along with Secure Thingz at embedded world.

IAR Systems Group is allocating an investment fund toward innovative IoT and security solutions startup companies and will support companies who have new innovative ideas and expansion potential through the Ymir business incubator.

“By investing in new technology, we will gain greater insights into new technologies and a strong position for extending our security value,” said Stefan Skarin, IAR Systems Group’s CEO. “Within Ymir, we will go for an initial limited ownership with open possibilities to grow, divest and acquire these startup companies.”

IAR Systems Group acquired Secure Thingz in 2018. Together, they have joined forces on Embedded Trust, a security environment for implementation in designs through IAR Embedded Workbench, helping designers employ security development as part of their day-to-day production.

The Embedded Trust environment uses secure hardware built into next-generation microcontrollers, providing secure services required for IoT solutions. Features include:

  • integrated identity and certificate management
  • a scalable Secure Boot Manager
  • integrated manufacturing mastering for secure deployment
  • release management with versioning and update infrastructure

The companies are also collaborating on C-Trust for IAR Embedded Workbench, which is a continuation of the development toolchain IAR Embedded Workbench, allowing developers to apply secure, encrypted code.

“Our customers need to trust that their applications remain secure across their lifecycle and comply with the legislation that is evolving rapidly around the world,” said Stefan Skarin, IAR Systems’ CEO. “At the same time, they need to be able to remain efficient and use the development processes they already have in place. By making security a natural part of day-to-day development, we are staying true to our mission of being with our customers all the way, providing complete and simplified development workflows.”

IAR Systems and Secure Thingz will be appearing at embedded world 2019 in Nuremberg, Germany from February 26-28 in booth 4-216 and booth 4A-104, respectively.  
For more information, please visit www.iar.com.

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