eXtremeDB 8.1 Adds Features for Database Management

By Perry Cohen

Associate Editor

Embedded Computing Design

December 02, 2019


McObject announced enhancements in its new version of its eXtremeDB database management system.

McObject announced enhancements in its new version of its eXtremeDB database management system. The new v8.1 release offers a range of sophisticated technical enhancements including parallel query execution; multi-tier IoT topology; network discovery; low-level network compression; support for Scala; python stored processes; and compliance with AUTOSAR (Automotive Open System Architecture).

Parallel query execution
The eXtremeSQL query optimizer is now able to parallelize certain queries with each thread, executing the query for a given range of values.

Multi-tier Network Topology and Network Discovery
eXtremeDB's active replication fabric has been enhanced to support increasingly complex IoT network topology, connecting gateways closer to the cloud, ultimately connecting to servers in the cloud.

Low-level network compression
Operating in low-bandwidth networks requires network traffic to be compressed. V8.1 of eXtremeDB implements compression at the SAL (System Abstraction Layer), meaning that compression can be applied to any supported socket type (plain TCP, SSL, local-domain, UDP and others).

Support for Scala
Scala has been added to the growing list of programming languages supported directly by eXtremeDB, alongside C, C++, C#, Java, Python and LUA. Through its JDBC and ODBC drivers, eXtremeDB is accessible from many other programming languages.

Python Stored Procedures
In addition to stored procedures written in the LUA language, v8.1 of eXtremeDB now supports stored procedures written in the increasingly popular Python language.

AUTOSAR Compliance
The principle of AUTOSAR is to have clear separation between the underlying infrastructure and the applications which consists of interconnected software components. In the context of eXtremeDB, it means no operating system-based memory management, no threads or processes, and no kernel-based synchronization primitives. As an embedded database system, eXtremeDB creates no processes or threads. eXtremeDB doesn’t have dependencies on the operating system or C runtime library and can run on "bare metal" with no operating system whatsoever.

Earlier this year the eXtremeDB IoT Development Toolkit, which was announced by McObject in May 2019, won Best in Show at IoT World.

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