Dev Kit Weekly: Qualcomm QCA4020 Product Development Kit

May 28, 2019


This week's victim is the Qualcomm QCA4020 Product Development Kit. The QC4020 Kit is unique in that it provides simultaneous "tri-mode" Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and 802.15.14 networking for IoT developers looking to prototype systems that support concurrent short-range and backhaul connectivity.

In addition to multiple radios and discrete processors and memory for each connectivity type, the QCA4020 host on the product development kit offers a sensor hub, hardware security accelerators, and Arm Cortex-M4F applications CPU, allowing engineers to develop connected applications without feeling burdened by the overhead of requisite networking functions.
To round out the feature set, Qualcomm offers eight onboard sensors, and Eclipse-based IDE, and access to Amazon AWS IoT, Microsoft Azure, and HomeKit/OCF connectivity frameworks for fast integration and prototyping of networked applications.
That's a lot of bang for your buck in a $75 evaluation platform. But if you want one for free, enter the raffle below.

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