Sectigo IoT Security & Identity Management for Integration and Use in Multi-Vendor Ecosystems

December 21, 2020


Sectigo IoT Security & Identity Management for Integration and Use in Multi-Vendor Ecosystems

New SDKs and PKI Clients Make it Easier for OEMs, Utilities, Government Organizations, and Enterprises, to Secure Their Connected Devices and Products.

Sectigo released multiple advancements to the company's IoT Security & Identity Management Platform, designed to make the integration and management of secured connected devices suitable for OEMs and enterprises. The advancements include a PKI Client software development kit (SDK) for Sectigo IoT Manager and Secure Boot SDK, designed to ease development efforts and reduce time to market for manufacturers across industries.

Sectigo's all-in-one IoT security platform makes securing and authenticating connected devices ideal so that enterprises can protect their infrastructure in a way that is scalable, cost-effective, and ideal to manage.

The Sectigo IoT Security Platform is designed to deliver end-to-end security services for every class of connected device, from manufacture through its lifecycle, enabling OEMs to build secure devices that are compliant with security standards and new IoT security regulations. Best-practice features, myriad technology integrations, and single pane of glass management allow enterprises to protect their IoT infrastructure. Per the company, Sectigo's IoT Identity platform leverages the infrastructure used for issuing public certificates, providing IoT OEMs with the same levels of security as public roots are provided.

New IoT Manager Advancements:

• Multi-vendor Ecosystem Support - IoT Manager now provides configurability and customization of certificate profiles, enabling support for the requirements of emerging IoT ecosystems.
• Sectigo PKI Client for IoT Manager SDK - Making it ideal for Sectigo customers to programmatically issue certificates from the Sectigo IoT Manager platform using the REST API interface.
• Sectigo EST PKI Client - A new client using the Enrollment over Secure Transport (EST) cryptographic protocol for PKI enables automated use of EST for customers using Sectigo Certificate Manager.

New IoT Device Identity & Integrity SDK, Integration, and Alliance:

• Embedded Firewall SDK - The latest release of Sectigo's Embedded Firewall SDK includes support for Green Hills Software's INTEGRITY RTOS microkernel architecture, designed for critical embedded systems that demand proven separation, security, and real-time determinism. The SDK enables device manufacturers to add firewall protection to enforce configurable packet filtering rules on connected devices.
• Secure Boot NetObjex Integration - Sectigo has integrated the company's Secure Boot SDK with the NetObjex PiQube IoT development platform, providing manufacturers using the NetObjex platform with secure boot functionality, thereby ensuring authenticity of the firmware on their devices.
• WBA Ecosystem - Sectigo has been selected to provide PKI services for the Wireless Broadband Alliance OpenRoamingTM ecosystem. 

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