Sectigo Acquires Icon Labs to Bring Industry-First End-to-End IoT Security Platform

By Laura Dolan

Senior Copywriter


May 09, 2019


Sectigo Acquires Icon Labs to Bring Industry-First End-to-End IoT Security Platform

Creates market differentiation by combining embedded device security with purpose-built, third-party certificate issuance and lifecycle management.

ROSELAND, N.J. Sectigo has acquired Icon Labs in an effort to expand Sectigo’s IoT Security Platform, which now enables device manufacturers, integrators, and enterprises to automate the provisioning and authentication process from IoT devices through trusted third-party certificate authorities (CAs).

Sectigo’s IoT Manager’s specialized management capability for interoperable trust leverages automation to guarantee secure provisioning and lifecycle management. Icon Labs’ security modules help point products satisfy specific security requirements by protecting the device itself in lieu of relying on additional security at the edge.

Features of the Sectigo IoT Security Platform are as follows:

·      Secure Boot 

·      Embedded Firewall 

·      TPM Integration 

·      Secure Remote Updates and Alerts 

·      On-Premise CA 

“Icon Labs has been growing and addressing this challenge by securing the device market for more than two decades. For the first time, embedded security technology is combined with device authentication and identity management to provide customers with a complete IoT security platform that solves many of the challenges presented by the rising number of threats,” said Sectigo’s CEO, Bill Holtz.

“By joining Sectigo, Icon Labs is contributing to a powerful advancement in connected device security. We are securing IoT devices and the convergence of traditional IT systems and Operational Technology (OT); that is, the hardware and software that detects or causes changes in physical processes through direct monitoring and/or control of physical devices,” said Icon Labs’ Founder and CTO, Alan Grau

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