Rambus releases 800G MACsec Solution for Data Center and 5G Infrastructure Security

May 04, 2020


Rambus releases 800G MACsec Solution for Data Center and 5G Infrastructure Security

Rambus announced the release of its 800G MACsec (Media Access Control security) for networking infrastructures.

Rambus announced the release of its 800G MACsec (Media Access Control security) for networking infrastructures. The solution provides hardware-based, point-to-point security for 800 gigabit ethernet links.

The purpose of the 800G MACsec is to identify and prevent security threats, which include denial of service, intrusion, and masquerading attacks among others.

“Our world has changed dramatically in just a few months, with a global shift to our homes being the center of work, schooling and entertainment,” said vice president of Rambus Security Neeraj Paliwal, in a press release. “This has put enormous strain on the global data infrastructure. The evolution to 800 GbE will be a key enabler on the path forward.”

Benefits of Rambus 800G MACsec Solution, pre the release:

  • Full line-rate MACsec security from 100G to 800G 
  • Multi-rate, multi-channel support with flexible bandwidth allocation
  • Complies with the IEEE 802.1ae MACsec standard and its successors
  • Additional classification and transformation options to support advanced use-cases and deployments
  • Supplied with widely-adopted driver development kit (DDK)
  • Supports secure data communications across data center, enterprise, carrier networks, network-attached HPC and AI/ML

For more information on the Rambus 800G MACsec solution, please visit https://www.rambus.com/security/protocol-engines/macsec-engines/macsec-ip-163-164/ 

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