New Consumer-Friendly Helium Network Crypto Miner and IoT Gateway Comes to Market

By Taryn Engmark

Assistant Editor

Embedded Computing Design

October 06, 2021


New Consumer-Friendly Helium Network Crypto Miner and IoT Gateway Comes to Market

Mimiq introduces “Miner with a view,” which mines Helium Network Tokens (HNT) as it helps power The People’s Network.

Mimiq Inc. (formerly Smart Mimic), a connected consumer device company, launched the FinestraMiner, the first community and FCC-certified Helium hotspot designed for the mainstream consumer. This cryptocurrency miner and IoT gateway installs either directly on a windowpane or shelf-top and provides coverage and performance from indoors.

The FinestraMiner builds on the legacy of Mimic GO, the first consumer device using the LoRaWAN network. The miner was designed to address consumer ease-of-use needs while ensuring end-to-end connectivity between all its devices, from small IoT products to the LoRaWAN gateway within the miner. Finestra enables anyone to mine HNT and participate in Helium’s People’s Network.

The device connects with LoRaWAN-equipped devices in its coverage area, and in turn connects to the in-premises broadband router via Wi-Fi or Ethernet to provide cloud connectivity. The crypto mining capability is delivered via the Helium Network. FinestraMiner incorporates Semtech Corp chips designed for LoRa-based wireless communications and devices.

FinestraMiner has the capability to operate without a fan, ensuring continuous mining capability.

For more information, visit Mimiq.

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