Sepio Systems to Work with Tech Data and SHI on Preventing Hardware-Based Cyber-Attacks

By Laura Dolan

Senior Copywriter


July 03, 2019


Sepio Systems to Work with Tech Data and SHI on Preventing Hardware-Based Cyber-Attacks

This will allow Tech Data?s and SHI?s customers to benefit from easy deployment of Sepio Prime and Sepio Agents for managing the security risk coming from uncontrolled peripheral devices.

Sepio Systems has partnered with Tech Data and SHI International Corp. in an effort to confront hardware-based cyber-attacks that include rogue peripherals, invisible network devices and manipulated firmware.

Per the arrangement, Tech Data channel partners and SHI’s customers can choose and group Sepio’s solutions to guarantee complete security coverage, gaining protection from Sepio Prime and Sepio Agents in an effort to prevent security breaches from unmonitored peripheral devices and accessories in their network.

“As part of our continuous effort to ease our customers’ process of complying with the NIST standards and guidelines for securing Information Systems, we are excited to team with Tech Data and SHI,” said Sepio Systems Inc.’s CEO, Yossi Appleboum. “Packing Sepio’s deep visibility capabilities into devices and hardware assets together with a granular policy enforcement tool greatly reduces the cyber risk organizations are facing. For the first time, Tech Data customers and partners can deploy a simple and robust software solution that addresses more than 15 controls from the NIST 800-53 Special Publication.”

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