Imagination Releases the IM iEW400 for Low-Power Applications

June 02, 2020

Imagination Releases the IM iEW400 for Low-Power Applications

Imagination Technologies announced the release of the IMG iEW400, an IP based on the companies Ensigma Wi-Fi technology.

Imagination Technologies announced the release of the IMG iEW400, an IP based on the company's Ensigma Wi-Fi technology. It delivers integrated RF and baseband. Further, it was developed for low-power and battery-powered applications.

Per a company press release, features of the  IMG iEW400 include the following:

  • 20/40MHz operation: Enables low-data-rate applications to conserve battery power
  • Target Wake Time (TWT): Extends deep-sleep periods, dramatically improving current consumption and extending battery life
  • Orthogonal frequency-division multiple access (OFDMA): Enables bandwidth to be segmented for the efficient transmission of data, reducing power consumption, whilst improving robustness and data throughput
  • Basic Service Set (BSS) Coloring: Increases robustness in dense environments, enabling improved data throughput
  • Dual sub-carrier modulation (DCM): Enables increased robustness for low data rates
  • Optional upper MAC available to offload work from the host processor to reduce total system power consumption
  • Optional power management unit (PMU) supporting 2.7-4.5V DC supply optimized for low-power

“In recent years Wi-Fi has seen strong growth for battery-powered applications, driven by increased adoption of low-power IEEE 802.11n devices,” said senior director of product management at Imagination Richard Edgar, in the press release. “IEEE 802.11ax enables these products to enjoy improved power consumption and efficiency, along with enhanced performance and robustness. This makes low-power Wi-Fi 6 devices the next step in the evolution of Wi-Fi in battery-constrained applications.”

The solution is supplied as hard macro for analogue and synthesizable RTL digital.

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