Open control with PLCnext

November 05, 2019

Press Release

Open control with PLCnext

PLCnext Technology combines openness of smart devices with reliability of a traditional PLC.

Middletown, Pa. - Phoenix Contact's new PLCnext Technology gives developers a control platform that combines the advantages of traditional IEC 61131 programming with the flexibility of open-source languages like Linux.

PLCnext is a completely open platform. Users can directly access the core of the product via Linux. This gives them the freedom to leverage the open-source community or develop their own Linux-based applications on an industrially hardened control platform. At the same time, PLCnext enhances IEC 61131 PLC programming and makes it possible to program controllers using high-level languages for real-time performance and data.

PLCnext Technology is IIoT-ready. It has complete integration with Phoenix Contact Proficloud, for easy access to dashboard data and alarms using time series data. PLCnext can also connect to common IoT platforms, such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google IoT, and more.

PLCnext Engineer, the software for the platform, provides an intuitive development environment with IEC 61131 and HTML5 visualization, allowing seamless integration with high-level languages including C, C++, C#, MATLAB, and more. This makes it possible to achieve real-time control with advanced computation and modern visualization using HTML5 and adaptive response.

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