MCU boasts 25 functions for 25 cents

November 06, 2017

MCU boasts 25 functions for 25 cents

Designed for sensing applications, the MSP430 line grew at the low end. The really low end.

Just when you thought they couldn’t go any lower, bam! MCUs for 25 cents. Texas Instruments just introduced a version of its popular MSP430 line that offers “25 functions for 25 cents.”

In other words, developers have the flexibility to customize 25 common system-level functions including timers, input/output expanders, system reset controllers, electrically erasable programmable read-only memory (EEPROM) and more, using a library of code examples.

In most cases, the new part, will be used as a complementary device, mostly in sensing applications. It is likely used to handle housekeeping functions, offloading things from the main CPU. This results in a much cleaner design, with tasks segmented to the device that’s most appropriate.

With the ultra-low-cost MCU, developers can implement simple sensing solutions through a variety of integrated mixed-signal features. A new TI LaunchPad development kit is also being released that allows for quick and easy evaluation. A common core architecture, a tools and software ecosystem, and extensive documentation including migration guides simplify the integration process.