Lattice Releases New MachX03D FPGA

By Laura Dolan

Senior Copywriter


May 21, 2019


Lattice Releases New MachX03D FPGA

FPGA family simplifies implementation of comprehensive, flexible and robust hardware security throughout product lifecycle.

HILLSBORO, OR. Lattice Semiconductor Corporation introduced its MachXO3D FPGA that will help OEMs integrate comprehensive and flexible hardware-based security for all system components. The MachXO3D is designed to guard and salvage itself and other parts from unauthorized firmware access throughout a system’s lifecycle.

The new MachXO3D’s features include:

  • Control function FPGA offering 4K and 9K look-up tables for fulfilling logic that immediately configures from on-device flash memory at power up 
  • On-device regulator for single 2.5/3.3-volt power supply operation
  • Support for up to 2700 Kbits of user Flash memory and up to 430 Kbits sysMEM embedded block RAM
  • Up to 383 I/Os, configurable to support LVCMOS 3.3 to 1.0, and designed to integrate into a wide variety of system environments with features such as hot-socketing, default pull-down, input hysteresis, and programmable slew rate
  • Embedded security block that supplies pre-verified hardware support for cryptographic functions such as ECC, AES, SHA, PKC and Unique Secure ID
  • Embedded secure configuration engine that guarantees FPGA configurations can only be installed from a trusted source
  • Dual on-device configuration memories to enable fail-safe reprogramming of component firmware in the event of intrusion

“System developers commonly take advantage of FPGA flexibility to enhance system functions after deployment,” said Lattice Semiconductor’s Director of Solutions Marketing, Gordon Hands. “With MachXO3D, we took care to retain that flexibility while adding a secure configuration block to deliver the industry’s first control-oriented FPGA compliant with NIST’s Platform Firmware Resilience specification.”

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