Logic-X Launches the LXD30K0 Analog Interface FMC Module

By Tiera Oliver

Associate Editor

Embedded Computing Design

June 04, 2020


Logic-X Launches the LXD30K0 Analog Interface FMC Module

The FMC form factor suits both the development of new systems and enables existing host carrier systems to be upgraded.

Logic-X, a provider of off-the-shelf Adaptable Compute Acceleration Platforms (ACAP) and sensor processing modules, has launched the LXD30K0 low latency, wide bandwidth analog interface FMC (FPGA Mezzanine Card) module.

The LXD30K0 utilizes an ADC (EV12AS350A) and DAC (EV12DS460) from Europe's Teledyne e2v for the analog input and output stages and is ideally suited to electronic warfare systems, radar waveform generators and receivers, and advanced digital radio frequency memory (DRFM) applications as well as, medical and telecommunications systems.

The LXD30K0 provides 5.4Gsps high-speed data acquisition at 12-bits resolution, which helps achieve a signal-to-noise ratio (SNR). The LXD30K0 delivers performance in SFDR (Spurious Free Dynamic Range), close-in phase noise. In addition, the LXD30K0 has a low latency of 7.2ns on the analog input and a latency of just 1.2ns on the analog output. The use of LVDS connectivity to the host carrier also facilitates a low latency from the RF input to the RF output which can be less than 18ns depending on the carrier used.

The LXD30K0's analog input stage also features a wide bandwidth of 0.5MHz to 4.8GHz with sampling at 5.4Gsps generating an instantaneous bandwidth of 2.7GHz. The output bandwidth ranges from 0.5MHz to 6GHz and the instantaneous output bandwidth is 1.35GHz at a sampling data rate of 5.4Gsps. The inclusion of a flexible clock tree that generates a clean, low jitter and low phase clock that is distributed to the ADC and DAC and external synchronization trigger input, ensures integration into single channel systems as well as standalone operation. For larger systems, it is possible to directly provide the sample clock to the front panel SSMC connector or to synchronize the local clock generator to an external reference clock.

The LXD30K0 also features power saving options and advanced power/health monitoring capabilities.  Multi-card synchronization also enables multiple input, multiple output systems to be built. The FMC form factor suits both the development of new systems and enables existing host carrier systems to be upgraded and the LXD30K0 is compliant with both the VITA 57.1 and VITA 57.4 FMC standards.

For more information about Logic-X and its products, please visit: http://www.logic-x.eu

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