Collaboration between RISC-V International and CHIPS Alliance Announced

By Chad Cox

Embedded Computing Design

April 06, 2021


RISC-V International and CHIPS Alliance announced a collaboration to update the OmniXtend Cache Coherency specification and protocol, along with building out developer tools for OmniXtend.

RISC-V International and CHIPS Alliance have formed a new OmniXtend working group which will focus on creating an open, cache coherent, unified memory standard for multicore compute architectures. The group will:

  • Update the OmniXtend specification and protocol.
  • Build out architectural simulation models.
  • Reference register-transfer level (RTL) implementation.
  • Create a verification workbench.


These tools for an open, standard unified memory coherency bus leveraging OmniXtend will make it easier for designers to take advantage of OmniXtend for data-centric applications.


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