Image Storage Box

November 05, 2019

Press Release

Image Storage Box

Connect and Run: The new Image Storage Box from IMAGO Technologies

Deep Learning needs a lot of real images from production, users want to save images from production for archiving purposes, error images or decisions in the gray area must be documented. But how? For up to 4 GigE cameras, the Image Storage Box handles this automatically! Just plug a GigE camera cable into the Image Storage Box and an Ethernet cable into your present PC. That's all it takes for the Image Storage Box to automatically scan the GigE Vision image stream. The images are then saved on up to two solid state drives of 1 TB. Another convenient function is: Each camera is assigned two digital inputs that allow filtering. Possible filters are saving only images of not good decisions. As of now, you can order the Image Storage Box and have it delivered right away.

IMAGO Technologies, on the market for 25 years and manufacturer of embedded vision products for 20 years, develops and produces additionally i-Core- / Windows-based PCs. Which concept is suitable, depending on the application and the customer's character - that is what IMAGO's experts can help decide in a first consultation.

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