SpotCues Launches

November 29, 2018

Press Release

SpotCues Launches

Leveraging machine learning and automation, provides micro-apps, BOTS and real time communications to improve productivity of deskless workforces.

SpotCues, a subsidiary of Pramati Technologies, launched, a mobile solution that improves productivity of deskless workers via role specific micro-apps, digital assistants (aka BOTs), real time communication and collaboration. It is designed to benefit retail, hospitality, aviation and other industries with large deskless workforces. will apply machine learning, automation, workflow and search capabilities to assist those who work without desks to fulfill tasks from their mobile devices.

It will offer AI BOTS acting as digital assistants that will eventually become familiar with users’ context and therefore, perform background jobs and gather information.’s AI and machine learning delivers technological advancements in automation that enterprises with deskless workforces need. 

"One of the key considerations for us was to pack the power behind the scenes and make the user experience [as] simple as any consumer app, which [brings] training and rollout costs literally to zero for organizations," said Vijay Pullur, SpotCues’ CEO.

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