Pervasive Displays' E-Paper Displays Address Demanding Applications

January 06, 2020


Pervasive Displays' E-Paper Displays Address Demanding Applications

The tri-color Electronic Paper Display modules offer high bi-stable images of at up to 134dpi

Pervasive Displays introduced the 5.8-inch E24581JS084 and 9.7-inch E2969JS084 tri-color Electronic Paper Display modules, offering bi-stable images of 134dpi and 121dpi respectively. The displays also feature integrated timing controllers, an operating temperature range from 0°C to +40°C, and one-time programmable (OTP) capability.

By integrating the timing controller, manufacturers are able to realize simpler designs and get to market faster. The potential reduction in PCB area and bill of materials will also allow a reduction in total size and weight, or more space to be dedicated to the battery. The OTP feature works alongside the internal timing controller, allowing an image waveform to be stored inside the display driver, removing the need for the host processor to load an image at start-up.

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