Architect Your Edge Cloud Solution: Kubernetes Containerized or Windows Server Management

April 20, 2020


Architect Your Edge Cloud Solution: Kubernetes Containerized or Windows Server Management

Advantech's Edge Cloud Solution can help manage data collection, visualization and other data-driven tasks with its all-in-one solution that can also be customized to fit the needs and budget of SMEs.

Today, many varieties of intelligent applications are implemented on cloud platforms which help enterprises improve productivity and flexibility. Many Small and Mid-size Enterprises (SME) have chosen to use public clouds out of cost considerations. But enterprises in certain industries like semiconductors and CNC manufacturing have deeper concerns over data sensitivity, internet security, and site restrictions - in short, they would prefer to have their own private cloud. However, most private cloud systems are designed for large businesses, requiring large capital investment and system infrastructure, making them unaffordable for medium and small businesses. 

To address the needs of SME for private cloud services, Advantech recently rolled out its edge cloud solution - an all-in-one solution incorporating Advantech hardware and WISE-DeviceOn IoT device management software to provide data collection, management, visualization and other on-demand microservices. The system offers high scalability and SME customers can manage all their resources from one convenient terminal. They can also choose additional services to create and organize their own private cloud system that will fit their needs and their budget.

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