AIoT Drives Health and Safety Applications

November 16, 2020


AIoT is the melding of AI and IoT. Until not too long ago, these were two independent technologies, for various reasons. The biggest reason is that AI requires a huge amount of compute power, and the IoT, at least at the Edge, generally wasn’t a place where such compute power would reside.

But today’s leading-edge processors have changed that paradigm. And OEMs like iBase are the beneficiaries. iBase designs and manufactures robust industrial PC-based products. And they comfortably implementing AI at the Edge, aka AIoT.

In this Embedded Solutions Video, Embedded Computing Design’s EVP Rich Nass has a discussion with iBase’s Business Development Manager Joseph Praveen to go through where and how it makes sense to implement this technology.

It’s important to note that iBase has developed solutions specifically targeted the new world that we live in, one that’s fraught with COVID-19. Thanks to AIoT, the platform can implement facial recognition in a completely contactless environment. Add 5G to the mix, and the robustness expands further.