ACEINNA Releases OpenIMU335RI

By Chad Cox

Embedded Computing Design

June 28, 2021


ACEINNA Inc. announced the availability of the OpenIMU335RI, a rugged inertial measurement unit (IMU) with CAN and RS232 interfaces.

The OpenIMU335RI  delivers increased performance in key acceleration and gyro specifications. The OpenIMU335RI delivers substantial performance, including 1.3 degrees per hour bias instability (BI) and 0.1 degrees per root hour Angle Random Walk. The unit is ideal for 3DMG (3 Dimensional Machine Guidance), 3DMC (3 Dimensional Machine Control) and other applications requiring high performance inertial measurements.

The OpenIMU335RI uses a powerful ARM M4 CPU with a Floating Point Unit.  The module is able to run the OpenIMU open-source stack that includes an optimized full-state Kalman Filter for Attitude and GPS-Aided Position-Velocity-Time (PVT) measurement.

ACEINNA'S OpenIMU335RI  also consists of three independent 3-Axis Accelerometers and 3-Axis Gyros.

With the OpenIMU335RI, ACEINNA has implemented a proprietary algorithm that identifies a failing sensor and eliminates it from the others. This allows user equipment to continue normally using the remaining sensors.

OpenIMU335RI is packaged in a rugged sealed housing with an Ampseal 16, 6 position connector. It includes CAN J1939 and RS232 interfaces for connecting to a network. The small-scale housing is formed using an over-molding process. The enclosure is completely sealed and able to withstand any possible water entry, and is durable under tough environmental conditions.

It is specified to work from an unregulated 9 V - 32 V supply and is fully qualified for use in 12 V and 24 V vehicle systems.

The open-source environment allows for algorithm optimization for specific vehicle or application dynamics and custom messaging.

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