ARM Mbed IoT Device Platform Helps Maximize Cloud Data

March 19, 2018


ARM Mbed IoT Device Platform Helps Maximize Cloud Data

Platform operates at various levels, including with simple, single-function IoT device.

Another key announcement that occurred at Embedded World was ARM’s new Mbed IoT Device Platform which, in theory at least, lets organizations tap into new ways to collect and organize data to improve operational efficiencies.

It’s combined with an expansion of capabilities of the company’s Mbed cloud offering, which lets developers host a private cloud implementation behind a corporate firewall. This flexible solution can be integrated with legacy hardware. Such hardware could include devices that use common IoT protocol stacks and simple single-function, low-cost applications.

At Embedded World, ARM demonstrated the platform, which includes the latest version of Mbed OS, supporting the latest cellular-based, low?power, wide?area NB-IoT standards such as CAT-NB1 and CAT-M1. This enables IoT connections to devices regardless of location.