Avoid IoT Project Failure with Better Simulators

September 11, 2020


Avoid IoT Project Failure with Better Simulators

Are you testing your proof of concept with realistic network conditions? If not, your IoT project is at risk. See how smarter simulators save the day.

Effective simulations are key to ensuring the success of complex and massive network connectivity in real-world IoT deployments. By using a web-based browser UI, extensive documentation, and support for a wide range of IoT scenarios, developers can test simulated deployments in both normal and non-optimal conditions.

In this article, IoT developers will learn:

  • About simulators that support testing for IIoT deployments, smart city technology, and smart agriculture
  • How new applications can be tested by programming simulated scenarios to fail in specific ways
  • Which applications can be used, like regression testing, to ensure the efficacy of new program changes

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