Energous and Atmosic Collaborate to Achieve Industry First Interoperability Energy Harvesting for Wireless Charging Applications

By Tiera Oliver

Associate Editor

Embedded Computing Design

June 11, 2021


Energous and Atmosic Collaborate to Achieve Industry First Interoperability Energy Harvesting for Wireless Charging Applications

Energous Corporation and Atmosic Technologies announced they have achieved the industry's first interoperability for radio frequency (RF) energy harvesting technology.

The interoperability combines Energous' WattUp RF-based wireless charging technology and Atmosic's M3 Series chipset, the company's energy harvesting technology that captures RF power. According to the companies, the combination of these technologies together opens the market for wireless charging up to two meters away for connected solutions for retail, industrial, and consumer applications.

Atmosic and Energous are both members of the AirFuel Alliance, a global coalition of companies committed to a world where everyone can power up without plugging in.

Per the companies, Atmosic's Lowest Power Radio, On-demand Wake Up, and Controlled Energy Harvesting technologies work to enable the M3, based on the Bluetooth 5 standard, to deliver "forever battery" life and enable devices to operate without any batteries in some applications.

"Forever battery" life helps to lower maintenance time and the total cost of ownership of connected device deployments, in addition to reducing the number of batteries that go into landfills. Atmosic's Controlled Energy Harvesting technology can capture energy from a variety of sources, including ambient photovoltaic (light), radio frequency (RF) and thermal sources, and mechanical (motion) sources.

Energous' WattUp wireless charging technology is based on radio frequency (RF) with the ability to be designed into small form factor products and devices without flat surfaces. In September 2020, Energous received from the FCC a Class II permissive change to the existing MS-550 FCC Grant, extending the charging zone up to one meter.

For more information, visit: https://energous.com/ or https://atmosic.com/




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