Aukua Systems and KDPOF Team Up for ISO 21111 Standardization

September 01, 2020

Press Release

Aukua Systems and KDPOF announced the success of their technology partnership for ISO 21111 standardization.

Aukua Systems, provider of Ethernet test and monitoring solutions, and KDPOF, supplier for gigabit transceivers over POF (Plastic Optical Fiber), announced their technology partnership for ISO 21111 standardization.

Recently, two additional sections, ISO 21111-3:2020 and ISO 21111-5:2020, of the international in-vehicle Ethernet ISO standard series 21111 have been published.

"By providing their MGA2510 Ethernet Test and Monitoring Platform, Aukua Systems have supremely equipped the test setup for ISO certification," stated Carlos Pardo, CEO and Co-founder of KDPOF.

KDPOF supports the test ecosystem to make sure that ECUs, including their technology, will be tested by recognized test houses and based on the ISO standard.

"We are delighted to support the overall standard for optical gigabit connectivity in vehicles with ISO 21111 complementing the existing IEEE Std 802.3bvTM," added Suds Rajagopal, Co-Founder at Aukua Systems. "By leveraging Aukua's test solutions, carmakers and Tier1s now have access to a complete, compatible, and interoperating implementation based on these standards."

For reliable implementations of systems that implement in-vehicle Ethernet Optical 1 Gb/s as a physical layer, International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has added two new sections to the in-vehicle Ethernet series 21111: ISO 21111-3:2020 specifies additional features to IEEE 802.3bv, such as wake-up and synchronized link sleep algorithms.

ISO 21111-5:2020 specifies requirements at the system level and a complete conformance and interoperability test plan for ECU providers that implement optical 1 Gb/s physical layer as specified in ISO 21111-3.

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