Eurofins testwizard Selected for Smart Home, IoT Test Automation

July 16, 2019

Press Release

Eurofins testwizard Selected for Smart Home, IoT Test Automation

Eurofins? testwizard selected by Niko Home Control.

Eurofins Digital Testing’s testwizard has been selected by Niko Home Control for automated device interoperability and quality assurance testing of smart home products. testwizard is a test automation framework and tool suite that allows multiple applications to be tested in parallel, both improving test coverage and reducing test time.

testwizard supports interoperability testing across a wide range of devices, mobile/web applications, and web services. Some of the supported systems include:

  • Carbon monoxide, smoke, and flood detectors
  • Connected appliances
  • Intelligent lighting
  • Set-top boxes
  • Smart thermostats
  • Wireless security systems

Niko has adopted testwizard Suite 2.4, an Open Test Automation Infrastructure, as the end-to-end test solution for the Niko Home Control IoT home automation system. Using the Eurofins Digital Testing solution, Niko will be able to automate tests and implement continuous monitoring and improvement practices for the foreseeable future.

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