TT Electronics launches low profile reflective object sensor in PCB assembly

October 07, 2019

Press Release

TT Electronics launches low profile reflective object sensor in PCB assembly

OPB9001 module offers 24-30 volt input compatibility and features 4-pin connectors for simple programming and operation.

Woking, UK, 25 September 2019 - TT Electronics, a global provider of engineered electronics for performance critical applications, today announced the versatile OPB9001 PCB module for industrial and medical applications. The OPB9001 includes the OPB9000 reflective sensor and eliminates the need for peripheral circuitry like resistors, regulators and capacitors as such functionality is integrated into its small, robust package.

This reflective sensor can detect objects as far away as 50 mm using standard 90% reflective material as well as objects as small as 2.5mm depending on the object distance. The OPB9001 can also be programmed to recognize various distances within its reflective range.\

"Industrial applications often require flexible customized solutions in order to accommodate the dynamic needs of each environment," said Raymund Chua, Product Line Director, Optoelectronics, TT Electronics. "The OPB9001 product family is capable of directly accepting higher input voltage and can be customized to maximize flexibility and compatibility - even in the most robust and demanding industrial use cases."

All analog signal conditions are incorporated into OPB9001's integrated OPB9000 IC and PCB assembly. In addition, the OPB9001 is easily mounted on PCBs and panels, and equipped with an integrated connector.

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