Microchip Releases Two USB-PD Solutions

August 30, 2019

Press Release

Microchip Releases Two USB-PD Solutions

Expanding portfolio adds certified USB 3.1 PD SmartHub IC with HostFlexing and PDBalancing plus standalone USB Type-C PD controller for simpler applications.

Microchip Technology Inc. released two new solutions that simplify USB Type-C PD for a myriad of applications.

The USB705x family yields accelerated device charging and presents unique PD implementations called HostFlexing and PDBalancing. The UPD301A is a standalone USB Type-C PD controller that makes it easy to incorporate basic USB Type-C PD charging, conducive for applications from rear seat charging in vehicles to portable equipment to public charging stations.

HostFlexing enables all USB Type-C ports to function as the “notebook” port. PDBalancing helps manufacturers maintain overall system power through centralized control, saving consumers money by allowing them to charge a number of PD enabled devices using less power.

The USB705x family merges native support for USB Type-C PD with the 5 Gbps SuperSpeed data rates of USB 3.1, satisfying consumer demand for faster mobile device charging and data streaming. The series includes the USB7050, USB7051, USB7052 and USB7056, offering a variety of USB configurations for different PD and USB Type-C design needs, perfect for docks, PC monitors and automotive infotainment.

The UPD301A starts at $1.50 in 10,000-unit quantities. The USB705x family is now available with options and pricing for 10,000-unit quantities as follows:

*Standard Type-C means 15W power only (does not include PD).

**Automotive qualified (AEC-Q100)

“With the acceleration of USB Type-C PD in phones, PCs and portable devices, it’s critical that designers of new computing systems and automotive infotainment systems are easily able to add USB Type-C PD functionality to designs,” said Microchip’s USB and Networking business unit VP, Charles Forni. “From hub-based data management to standalone power delivery, Microchip continues to invest in evolving and growing our USB Type-C portfolio to support the varying needs of our broad customer base.”   

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