Microchip Launches First Commercial eSPI to LPC Bridge

By Laura Dolan

Senior Copywriter


May 29, 2019


Microchip Launches First Commercial eSPI to LPC Bridge

Device allows industrial computing developers to integrate the eSPI standard in existing equipment, minimizing development costs and extending product lifecycles.

CHANDLER, AZ. Microchip Technology Inc. released its ECE1200 bridge, which allows developers to add the eSPI standard in boards with legacy LPC connectors and peripherals.

It also helps sustain long lifecycles while supporting the eSPI bus technology essential for new computing applications leveraging the next generation of chipsets and CPUs. The ECE1200 identifies and reinforces Modern Standby mode with low standby current.

“Microchip has been at the forefront of providing eSPI since the standard’s infancy in the computing space,” said Microchip’s VP of computing products business unit, Ian Harris. “We are continuously bringing new products to market to help the industry transition to eSPI. The ECE1200 extends our leadership in this market and allows customers to implement eSPI without sacrificing years of investments in legacy LPC equipment.”

Learn more at www.microchip.com.