Dialog Semiconductor Reveals New Programmable Multi-Channel LDO Regulator

By Laura Dolan

Senior Copywriter


May 15, 2019


Dialog Semiconductor Reveals New Programmable Multi-Channel LDO Regulator

The new device offers programmable LDO protection for smartphone cameras, and helps designers create advanced sensor systems on tighter noise budgets.

London, U.K. Dialog Semiconductor Plc released its SLG51000. It includes the highest Power Supply Rejection Ratio (PSRR) and lowest output voltage noise of any programmable multi-channel LDO in the industry, making it well suited to operate advanced camera and sensor systems.

The SLG51000 provides PSRR of 73dB at 1MHz and output voltage noise of 10µV (rms). The LDO regulator’s seven channels provide output current capability from 475mA to 800mA, and a low quiescent current of less than 1µA for the overall integrated circuit (IC) during shutdown. 

“With camera performance becoming one of the key differentiators of high-end smartphones, device manufacturers need to deliver the absolute best image quality from their image sensors within increasingly compact devices and are facing tighter noise budgets as a result. The SLG51000 is cutting-edge when it comes to meeting those noise budgets, with the best LDO performance available for imaging and sensor applications on the market today,” said Dialog Semiconductor’s VP of Marketing, CMBU, John McDonald.

Learn more at www.dialog-semiconductor.com.