Monday 10/12


Question: My application doesn?t have a battery. Is it possible to power it wirelessly? Answer: Yes, sure?a simple integrated nanopower solution originally designed for energy harvesting is available.

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Avnet announced the release of the Avnet mmWave Radio Development Kit for Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+ RFSoC Gen-3. The kit allows architects to venture within the entire signal chain from the RF in millimeter wave spectrum to digital.
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Efinix announced the availability of its Reconfigurable Acceleration Platform (RAP) initiative. The initiative opens the company?s quantum technology to a variety of engagement models.
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Texas Instruments introduced the DP83TD510E, an ethernet physical layer (PHY) that is able to transmit 10 Mbps ethernet signals up to 1.7 km through a single pair of twisted wires.
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The traditional manufacturing model for the automobile industry has been to source, assemble, and integrate lots of separate components and subsystems from multiple supply chain vendors. This brittle hardware-driven approach made sense for much of the past century, but now the industry is being transformed by a more flexible software-driven model.

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