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Electromagnetic radiation (EMR), electromagnetic interference (EMI), and electromagnetic compliance (EMC) are terms that pertain to energy from electrically charged particles and the associated magnetic fields that can potentially interfere with circuit performance and signal transmissions. With the proliferation of wireless communications, the plethora of communication devices, and the growing number of communication methods (including cellular, Wi-Fi, satellite, GPS, etc.) using more and more of the frequency spectrum (with some bands overlapping), electromagnetic interference is a fact of life.

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Modulating signal

Rohde & Schwarz is supplying the R&S TS8991 test system, and R&S AMS32 OTA measurement software to CATARC Automotive Engineering Research Institute.
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WINSYSTEMS introduced three redesigned PC104 data-acquisition and control modules designed to simplify I/O expansion, support long-term availability for new designs, and provide a ready upgrade path for existing products.
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The MIPI Alliance announced the availability of MIPI Debug for I3C v1.0, a scalable debug and test specification for 5G, IoT, and automotive systems, among others.
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Storage solutions employed in industry 4.0 should be able to cope with harsh environmental conditions. Extreme temperatures, high humidity, and vibration are commonplace in industrial environments such as Smart factories. High-endurance 3D NAND Flash solutions are designed and optimized to thrive under such settings.

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