Monday 9/21


GigaDevice is new to my radar. The company?s history is in memory products, but it is now a formidable player in the MCU space, both on the Arm and RISC-V sides (which is fairly unique). In terms of Arm, the company recently released its GD32E5 series of high-performance MCUs based on the Arm Cortex-M33 core.

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Vishay Intertechnology introduced the 125 ALS and 126 ALX, two new series of miniature axial aluminum electrolytic capacitors.
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Swissbit announced the launch of CFexpress 2.0 Type B cards. The cards feature high reliability, performance, and data protection. The cards, named G-20 for those with 3D-TLC-NAND and G-26 for the pSLC version, offer fast, pluggable storage media.
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Per a company release, the series has a reinforced insulation, sustains 3kVAC and 4.2kVAC isolation test in accordance to safety standards, and is transformer designed to sustain differential voltage that might happen in industrial applications.
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The challenges are changing for today?s data-driven organizations, but it?s still essential to drive digital transformation and get to market faster than the competition. Even in a post-COVID world, the key questions about how to do it remain the same. Is it better to develop your own data tools with Open Source technology, or purchase a commercial product?

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