Make With Mesh: The Cypress & Digi-Key Bluetooth 5 IoT Design Contest - Rules

April 02, 2019

Press Release

Make With Mesh: The Cypress & Digi-Key Bluetooth 5 IoT Design Contest - Rules


All submissions, in any format, must be provided in English language to avoid misinterpretation. Translation services are available through platforms such as I Can Localize or for a nominal fee. For more information on available translation options, Contact Us.

For Phase I, contestant must define his/her project with a complete description. Description should answer:

whether the project used Bluetooth Mesh or Bluetooth Low Energy-only

which kit(s) (Mesh and/ or Arduino Eval Board) will be used and why (200 words or fewer)

how users will interact with the project (i.e., mobile app, cloud dashboard, etc.) (200 words or fewer)

what your experience level is with Bluetooth design (200 words or fewer)

Using the judging criteria, 25 entries will be selected and will be sent the kit they chose in Phase I and are automatically entered into Phase II. Contestants whose entries are not selected are permitted to purchase a kit at their own expense and enter a design into Phase II of the contest.


The following criteria will be used by judging delegates to evaluate submissions:

Positive Impact – How well does the submission proposed make a positive impact on society?

Economic Viability – Is the potential BOM, design and manufacturing process, and marketability of the proposed solution practical in volumes?

Technical Feasibility – Does the proposed solution make use of features available in the devkit that was offered in the corresponding month’s challenge)? Furthermore, is it achievable without the use of overly exotic, esoteric, or impractical engineering methods?

Product Differentiation – ‌Does the solution exhibit compelling features or properties that either aren’t available in the market currently or have not been presented in a similar manner?

Completeness – Is the solution prepared to satisfy market demand without the need for additional technologies that lie outside the defined project scope? If complementary solutions are required, are they readily available and how difficult is their proposed integration?


Entries will be judged on how well they fulfill the criteria.

Submitters must cover the expense of any other components or software required for project completion on their own.

All contest participants that submit a project during Phase 2 of the competition will only be considered for a final prize if they successfully complete a feedback survey that will be sent by the contest runners to the contest participant once their project is submitted.

The following must be submitted:

Project documentation – step by step guide on how your project was built from start to finish using hi-res images, screenshots, video and text.

Project completeness - fully working and finished projects will be judged more favorably

BOM - list of all your components, apps and tools

Code - well structured, commented code is required

Block Diagrams - clear block diagrams on how the final system comes together with all components involved

Finalists must build a functional prototype of the proposed product, and submit a video showcasing the system in operation along with any written or audio explanation that’s needed. Submissions should be sent to [email protected]. Code must be well documented and will be shared with Cypress, with Cypress being able to distribute and market all aspects of the project to their discretion.


The deadline for Phase I is June 14, 2019 at 11:59 PM EDT. Entries submitted beyond that deadline will not be accepted.

Finalists will be announced and chosen development kits will be sent by June 21, 2019 at 11:59 PM EDT.

The deadline for Phase II is August 9, 2019 at 11:59 PM EDT. Entries submitted beyond that deadline will not be accepted.

Phase II winners will be announced on August 16, 2019 at 11:59 PM EDT.


First Place: $2,000US
Second Place: $750US
Third Place: $500US

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