MultiTech Releases Lens for LoRaWAN Enterprise Networks

By Laura Dolan

Senior Copywriter


February 07, 2019


MultiTech Releases Lens for LoRaWAN Enterprise Networks

Enables resource-efficient deployment and management of local LoRaWAN networks at scale.

Mounds View, MN. Multi-Tech Systems, Inc. launched the MultiTech Lens LoRaWAN-optimized embedded network server and key management toolset. It is designed for enterprises to connect sensors and actuators grouped in a commercial or industrial facility using a private LoRaWAN network in a cost-effective manner.

Lens will help businesses use an edge-intelligent LoRaWAN architecture throughout their facilities, campuses and customer sites, providing Operational Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT) teams with secure zero-touch device activation, centralized key management, and operation of any LoRaWAN-compliant end devices.

Lens processes real-time data, even during network outages and deploys and manages an on-site LPWA network.

“Lens is a game-changer as it overcomes many of the key concerns facing enterprises when considering how to optimize their digital efficiency, improve data privacy and lower their total cost of ownership,” said David Smith, MultiTech’s CTO. “It enables central management of LoRaWAN end-device IDs, providing unique key generation and re-keying-on-demand to join an on-premise private network, while deploying operational benefits and data processing to the edge of the network where a variety of industries including energy, smart buildings, retail, agriculture and healthcare prefer to process their raw data.”

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