TCG builds ?world?s tiniest TPM?

By Laura Dolan

Senior Copywriter


June 13, 2019

TCG builds ?world?s tiniest TPM?

The first TPM prototype was showcased at TCG?s members? meeting in Warsaw, Poland during the MARS Subgroup.

The Trusted Computing Group (TCG) is developing the “world’s tiniest Trusted Platform Module (TPM).”
The first TPM prototype, known as Radicle, was showcased at TCG’s members’ meeting in Warsaw, Poland during the MARS Subgroup where the product’s scope of work was focused on the essential hardware it takes to control and run the components that support RTS and RTR, and the software API to access them. 
“As we put greater trust in things like autonomous cars, smart homes and health care sensors, and connect them to the internet, we need to take steps to make sure connected devices are ubiquitously secure to protect them from data breaches and hackers,” said TCG’s President, Dr. Joerg Borchert. “As an international standard, TCG’s TPM is widely deployed and a proven solution. This makes our technologies ideally suited to deliver on the new security needs emerging as we move towards a world where everything is connected. The work undertaken at our latest members’ meeting will ultimately deliver the specifications needed to achieve this.” 
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