Renesas Reveals Production-Ready ADAS, Autonomous, and Cockpit Development

December 20, 2017

Renesas Reveals Production-Ready ADAS, Autonomous, and Cockpit Development

Renesas Hits the Accelerator on Autonomous and Cockpit Development With New Dodge Ram Connected Cockpit, and Enhanced Lincoln and Cadillac Vehicles

Renesas Connected Cockpit, ADAS, and Autonomous vehicles in front of the Detroit city skyline.
Renesas Connected Cockpit, ADAS, and Autonomous vehicles in front of the Detroit city skyline.

Renesas announced the next generation of its advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), automated driving, and connected cockpit demonstration vehicles. From sensor fusion to ADAS to connected cockpits, the three Renesas vehicles demonstrate fully integrated systems based on advanced, production-ready technologies that enable OEMs and Tier 1s to solve the complex challenges of autonomous vehicle design as the industry shifts from test and simulation to product development. The vehicles are part of Renesas’ open, innovative, and trusted Renesas autonomy Platform for ADAS and automated driving that delivers total end-to-end solutions scaling from cloud to sensing and vehicle control. With Renesas autonomy, Renesas aims to contribute to a safe and secure society in the autonomous driving era.

Renesas has added evolutionary upgrades in embedded vision, lidar, GPS, and security to its current autonomous Lincoln MKZ and ADAS Cadillac vehicles. Renesas is also introducing the new Renesas Connected Cockpit Vehicle, developed on a Dodge Ram 1500 truck, showcasing the convergence of embedded- and cloud-based technologies to provide a more integrated and personalized in-car experience. Renesas will demonstrate the vehicles at CES 2018 in the Renesas Advanced and Autonomous Test Track and Future Ready Solutions Showcase, January 9-12, 2018, in Las Vegas.

Conceived as development platforms for automotive system manufacturers, the Renesas vehicles enable the creation of safe, integrated solutions that extend beyond silicon, based on powerful, high-reliability automotive-grade Renesas solutions, including:

· Third-generation R-Car system-on-chip (SoC), including the R-Car H3 (Connected Cockpit, Lincoln, and Cadillac vehicles) and the R-Car V3M (Lincoln and Cadillac vehicles)

· Popular RH850 Family of microcontrollers (MCUs) for vehicle control

· Renesas IMP-X5 computer vision processing architecture

The Connected Cockpit features a 12.5-inch 3D digital cluster and a 17-inch Full HD center display both driven by a single R-Car H3 SoC. It runs both a production-ready safe OS and Androi operating system (OS) in a virtualized environment to support navigation, software defined radio, multimedia streaming, cloud connectivity, and a fully custom multi-OS HMI. It also supports ISO 26262-critical applications such as biometric facial recognition and eMirror for digital replacement of the rear-/side-view digital mirrors. Finally, advanced virtualized display sharing techniques allow a seamless integration of both OS’s and applications on any display.