Leti Presenting 11 Papers at IEDM 2017 and Hosting Workshop on More-than-Moore Pioneering Technologies

November 13, 2017

Leti Presenting 11 Papers at IEDM 2017 and Hosting Workshop on More-than-Moore Pioneering Technologies

Leti Will Present 11 Papers and Host More-than-Moore Technologies Workshop at IEDM 2017




Three Invited Papers Will Present Results in 3D Sequential Integration,

GRENOBLE, France – Nov. 13, 2017 – Leti, a technology research institute of CEA Tech, will present 11 papers at IEDM Conference 2017 in San Francisco, Dec. 2-6, including three invited papers on 3D sequential integration, advanced memory solutions and stacked nanowires FETs. It also will host a workshop covering “Pioneering Technologies for More than Moore” on Dec. 3, anchored by a keynote talk from GlobalFoundries executive John Pellerin.

Leti’s workshop, an annual event for invited guests at the IEDM conference, begins at 5:30 p.m. in the Nikko Hotel in San Francisco. Presentations include:


• RF Devices: Breakthroughs Thanks to New Materials


Jean-René Lequepeys, vice president, Silicon Components Division


• Power Devices: A New Era of Energy Conversion with GaN


Léa Di Cioccio, scientific advisor


• New Sensors: Emerging Concepts at Nanoscale


Thomas Ernst, chief scientist for silicon components and technologies


• 3D Technologies: A Smart Way to Enhance Performance


Perrine Batude, 3D sequential integration technical expert


• Si Photonics: Latest Innovations Creating New Markets


Bertrand Szelag, project manager Silicon Photonic Devices


• Special Keynote: Perspectives on Enabling Connected Intelligence through a More than Moore Roadmap


John Pellerin, deputy CTO and vice president of worldwide R&D, GlobalFoundries


Leti’s papers include:


Monday, Dec. 4


1:35 pm - Session 3.1:


“3D Sequential Integration: Application-driven technological achievements and guidelines” (Invited)


Location: Grand Ballroom B

2:25 pm - Session 2.3:

“In-depth investigation of programming and reading operations in RRAM cells integrated with Ovonic Threshold Switching (OTS) selectors”


Location: Grand Ballroom B


4:05 pm - Session 7.6:


“Thermal effects in 3D sequential technology”


Location: Continental Ballroom 6

Tuesday, Dec. 5


10:45 am - Session 16.5:


“Industrialised SPAD in 40 nm Technology”


Location: Continental Ballroom 7-9

11:35 AM - Session 14.6:


“Improvement of HfO2 based RRAM array performances by local Si implantation”


Location: Continental Ballroom 5


2:05 pm - Session 24.1:


“Hybrid III-V/Si DFB laser integration on a 200 mm fully CMOS-compatible silicon photonics platform”


Location: Continental Ballroom 6

2:55 pm - Session 20.3:

“Design Technology Co-Optimization of 3D-monolithic standard cells and SRAM exploiting dynamic back-bias for ultra-low-voltage operation”


Location: Grand Ballroom B


3:40 pm - Session 19.4:


“Advanced memory solutions for emerging circuits and systems” (Invited)


Location: Grand Ballroom A

Wednesday, Dec. 6


9:30 am - Session 29.2:


“Performance and Design Considerations for Gate-All-Around Stacked-NanoWires FETs” (Invited)


Location: Grand Ballroom B

9:30 am - Session 32.2


“High performance low temperature FinFET with DPSER, gate last and Self Aligned Contact for 3D sequential integration”


Location: Continental Ballroom 4


9:55 am - Session 34.3:


“Developments in 300mm silicon photonics using traditional CMOS fabrication methods and materials (Invited)”


Location: Imperial Ballroom B

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