New Industrial Panel PC Series with Stainless Steel Bezels

August 28, 2019


New Industrial Panel PC Series with Stainless Steel Bezels

Teguar's new TSP-2945 Series of Waterproof Panel PCs is ideal for food processing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, or clean room environments.

Charlotte, NC - Teguar has introduced a new line of rugged panel mount PCs to address the strict sanitation requirements for applications such as food and beverage manufacturing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and clean room computing. Since the inception of the company, Teguar has offered full waterproof PCs and industrial panel PCs. With the TSP-2945 series, a new hybrid category has been created which combines features of industrial panel PCs with features of fully waterproof PCs.

The TSP-2945 series touchscreen computers include a stainless steel front bezel, which is necessary for settings that require frequent wash downs. The stainless steel front bezel will not degrade or rust from exposure to liquids, and it does not corrode from harsh chemical cleaners. The entire front panel is IP66 and IP69K rated and designed for clean-in-place sanitation with water jets. The IP66 rating means that the computer is protected from powerful water jets, and the IP69K rating means that the computer is protected from high temperature water jets.

Teguar's rugged panel mount PCs are available in screen sizes ranging from 7" all the way up to 22" to meet the screen size and screen resolution requirements for most common applications. Each of these screen sizes can be equipped with either a resistive touchscreen, projected capacitive touchscreen, or protective glass if a touchscreen is not required. The PCAP and protective glass versions of the TSP-2945 are EN 1672-2 complaint, meaning that they are considered to be the most hygienic solutions for use in food processing machinery.

The TSP-2945 waterproof computer series is powered by an Intel Celeron N2930 Quad Core CPU, which offers long life cycle support and several years of availability. Each screen size offers a variety of customization options such as: Sunlight readable LCDs, optical bonding, ambient light sensors for auto-dimming, PoE (Power Over Ethernet), CAN Bus, WiFi, and additional USB or COM ports. The customization options make the TSP-2945 a great fit for applications with frequent exposure to water or chemical cleaners. When panel mounted into a cutout in an enclosure, the TSP-2945 panel PCs are the most rugged touchscreen computers available today.

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