Macnica ATD Europe and Prophesee Sign Agreement to Jointly Market Event-Based Vision Technology

By Tiera Oliver

Associate Editor

Embedded Computing Design

July 08, 2021


Macnica ATD Europe and Prophesee Sign Agreement to Jointly Market Event-Based Vision Technology
(Image courtesy of Prophesee SA)

Macnica ATD Europe and Prophesee SA announced an agreement that will see Macnica serve as an authorized distribution partner for Prophesee’s Metavision event-based sensor platform throughout Europe.

Inspired by the human retina and combined with advanced AI-based processing, Prophesee’s patented Event-Based Vision sensor technology and intelligence software is designed to represent a paradigm shift in machine vision. It enables machine system developers to reduce energy consumption and computational power requirements while reaching new levels of performance in a range of applications.

The Metavision platform is built on Prophesee’s Event-Based Vision, which uses neuromorphic sensing and computing techniques to mimic the human eye and brain. With each pixel activating itself if it senses a change in the scene, a movement - an event, Prophesee’s proprietary Event-Based approach allows for reductions of power, latency, and data processing requirements imposed by traditional vision systems.

The Metavision sensor and accompanying Metavision Intelligence software suite can be used by system developers to create entire new industrial uses, including accelerating quality assessment on production lines; positioning, sensing, and movement guidance for robots to enable suitable human collaboration; and equipment monitoring for predictive maintenance and reduced machine downtime.

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