Exciting Times at Diamond Point International (Europe) Ltd

October 08, 2018

Press Release

Exciting Times at Diamond Point International (Europe) Ltd

Addtech Components, a business area in the Addtech Group, signed an agreement on the 3rd July 2018 to acquire all shares outstanding in Diamond Point International (Europe) Ltd.

Martin Frederiksen & Sherman J Kemmer
Martin Frederiksen & Sherman J Kemmer
Diamond Point Logo
Diamond Point Logo

Diamond Point International develops, manufactures and markets innovative embedded computer systems for demanding OEM-applications. The customers are mostly represented within the defense and railway industry in the UK-market.

Diamond Point will very effectively complement Addtech's current operations within Scandinavia by working closely together with a subsidiary Recab AB, where both companies will benefit from each other's skills, solutions and market presence. DPIE Ltd currently has 10 employees and sales of around GBP 3.5 million.

Diamond Point was founded by Sherman J Kemmer who brought it over to the UK in 1987 and grew DPI into a successful profitable business offering complete custom builds. Sherman has managed DPI over the last 30 years but now in his 80s, decided it was time to get a group in who could take DPI to the next level and Addtech was his preferred choice.

Sherman built up strong long standing relationships with suppliers, which both DPI and Recab are looking forward to continuing. ‘Our supplier relationships are one of our greatest assets and we cooperate well in order to come up with innovative and creative solutions.’

In connection with the acquisition, Addtech has hired Martin Frederiksen to become the new Managing Director of Diamond Point, in order to lead the company through this exciting period of change. Martin has a wealth of experience in Embedded Computing and has worked closely with Recab as well as Diamond Point when working for Kontron and Congatec.

Cees Koetsier, Managing Director of Recab states “It was very clear that there are a lot of synergies between Recab and Diamond Point. We work in the same verticals and therefore have a lot of the same suppliers like eg. Kontron and Congatec. We are ideal for our customers, when they need a specific functionality or certification, but have a small to medium sized volume, then you need to be close to the customer and understand their needs.”

Martin Frederiksen states: "I am extremely excited and humbled in the trust that Addtech is putting in me. I believe there is a clear need for a value added solution provider with design capabilities for vertical markets like Defense and Rail, but also Telecom and Oil & Gas, all verticals where Recab has a very strong knowledge base.”

DPI has been at the forefront of industrial computing technology servicing a mix of OEMs and system integrators, and is committed to the Open Systems philosophy maintaining a portfolio of standards based products, both de facto and formally IEEE recognized. Our engineering department integrates both hardware and software products, thereby offering total system solutions as required by our customers.


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Twitter: https://twitter.com/dpieuk

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