Computex2019: Aetina Built Up AIoT from Edge by Integrated Smart Industry

July 01, 2019

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Computex2019: Aetina Built Up AIoT from Edge by Integrated Smart Industry

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Taipei, May 30th 2019--As the AI flowing, it soon combined with IoT, then AIoT born for the generation, the vertical markets are followed up to intelligence with better development. Expert of edge AI computing solutions provider Aetina Corporation and industrial storage provider Innodisk will present AIoT solutions from four vertical markets, including surveillance, IoV, factory, and medical, showing the integration ability and push up the unlimited of AIoT.
AIoT construction has considered as the central manipulation of smart application in the future. However, since the expense from the workforce, capitalized cost, and develop period can't transfer to the beneficial results after upgrading the application to smart industry, AIoT market seemed like the mysterious market to most of the people. So Aetina put forward the integration for different sectors to reduce the development time in the meanwhile to focusing on own's profession for all AIoT starter. Also, to see comprehensively, Aetina took the role of the edge computing platform in AIoT, sharply lower the latency, create a more direct and deep learning operating environment.
In Computex 2019, Aetina shows four vertical applications in the exhibition. First, the smart surveillance, Aetina's edge AI computing platform can inference based on the database to recognize the whitelist and blacklist, realize the intelligent access control system in the high-security industry. Second, for smart transportation, Aetina support fully integrated FPD LINK camera modules to edge AI computing platform to drive the monitoring during driving and the driver. Third, Aetina provides high performance and low power consumption edge AI computing platform for the automation product line and deep learning production, building the unmanned factory, realize the smart factory. Last, Aetina edge AI computing platform make efforts in medical service application such as service robot, providing human-like assistance in hospital, for a more convenient environment.
Aetina Corporation flung themselves into GPGPU and edge AI computing for several years, successfully supervised from different industry integration. The general manager of Aetina Corporation Joe Lo state, "the difficulty for most who want to step in AIoT is AI development cost cannot clear to have a price, but Aetina tried hard to cost down the expense from finding partners for all the starters. " The AIoT industry can't be rounded by oneself, corporation partners and the industrial connection are both critical for a more comprehensive entrance of smart world, and this is what Aetina is now building to bring more business possibilities.
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